Special thanks to all the people in the B9 Robot Builder's club for their assistance, 
and especially to all the vendors who make the fantastic parts for the B9!

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  Photo Gallery

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C-3PO and R2D2 Construction Pages

Photo Gallery

Pictures of B9 robot construction so far


First part I received, the collar

More parts, bubblehead, radar section and torso hooks

Freshly painted leg and knee section. The leg style is season one, but I am making this robot season two style

Another shot of legs after painting

Just painted torso. Paint is from an auto body paint supply

Torso with chest bezel for teeth lights, and belly lights installed.

Starting of light wiring for light controller; I've installed the teeth light buttons

More light wiring, after I had received the two large Dialight chest lights. I colored each bulb with a red and green sharpie marker

More light wiring

I initially painted the claws an incorrect color, oops!

A better color, Rustoleum Safety Red

Finished claw and wrist assembly, just painted

Installed light box for teeth lights

Programming bay

Micromo motor for ears, to spin sensors

Radar with mechanical ears attached. I later replaced these ears with another set of ears with micro motors installed

Radar with wiring, motors installed in ears, and sensors attached. See video below

Torso with all lights installed and wired. See video below.

Just received treadsections

Freshly painted treadsection, just back from body shop

Wrist claw assembly attached to rubber arm with wrist band, wrist latches and torso pins

First stackup, yay!

Bubble with brain installed. Video below

Linear actuator for neck

Aluminum wheels, just installed. I polished them by hand (ugh!)

Neck linear actuator

Another shot of aluminum wheels

Collar with motor and lazy susan attached

Backplate with neon attached

Plastic geartrack and gear for torso rotation

Collar with neck motor. I've since lowered the motor

Another shot of aluminum wheels

Close-up of power-pack

Rubber treadbelts

Rubber treadbelts installed

I've scrapped the support pole for neck linear actuator, and attached the actuator directly to the radar. Here is a shot inside looking up.

Finally starting to look like it is almost done!

Robot's "voicebox", using Mike Joyce's IB9 program and Mac Windows emulation program

Another pic of mac mini "voicebox", in robot treadsection.

Animation controller...I've scrapped using this because of positioning difficulties, and will be using r/c motor controllers instead (see next pic)

R/C motor controllers for torso, neck and radar motors

Final wiring

Headless robot, almost there...

Yay, done!!! (well, until I upgrade parts)

Another view...done!!


Click for Video of Lights    Click for Video of Brain    Click for Video of Sensors

Yay!    It's done! (for now, anyway!!)

Below are some videos of my living, moving B9!!!

Final (Quicktime)      Final (.wmv - DSL or Cable - Fast Connection)      Final (.wmv - Slow Connection)     Final (mp4)    

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